Installation Service

Installation Service

Our installation services are offered only in conjunction with our delivery service. Included within our installation fees are the use of our premium Potting Mix, Fast Grow fertilizer, and tree staking kit (if applicable). Our installation fees assume the planting area is properly prepared for planting, meaning free from old plants, weed or other debris requiring removal. If you need assistance preparing your planting area, please let us know so that our installation crew can appropriately quote and plan for the additional, necessary work to make your project’s outcome its best. When prep work is needed, we may need to extend the scheduling of the project’s installation to allow for the extra work to be completed.


4-6in pot – $1 each
1 gallon – $3 each
3 gallon – $7 each
5 gallon – $12 each
7 gallon – $25 each
10 gallon – $30 each
15 gallon – $35 each
30 gallon – $60 each
45 gallon – $100 each
65 gallon – $150 each
100 gallon – $350 each (tractor included)
Mulch – $2.50 per bag (doesn’t include removal of old mulch)

Installation Project Considerations

Be sure to mark any underground utility or irrigation lines in the planting area. For help, call 811 for utility line location service. We will not be held responsible for any broken or cut utility or irrigation lines.

Evaluate your irrigation system to ensure appropriate coverage for your new plantings. Alter or adjust your irrigation system if necessary. Keep in mind that new plants cannot be solely watered by an irrigation system until after they are completely established. It is necessary to deep water new plants with a garden hose until the root system of the new plants have been established.

New trees being planted on top of stump ground areas are not appropriate nor beneficial for the success of a new tree. Consider a new area at least 10 feet away from the old tree stump.

For more information on our delivery and installation services, please call or text us at (954) 658-9604.