Bananna Praying Hands rare variety


Bananna Praying Hands rare variety


Rare bananna variety

3 feet tree in 3 gal container

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Wait till you see these!  The Praying Hands Banana Tree produces on of the most unique bananas of all time.  The two adjacent “hands” of bananas are fused where they meet, creating the appearance of “Praying Hands.” Each hand is usually about 6-7 individual banana fruits, fused to each other, mirrored by another set of equally-fused hand of fruits.  These medium-sized bananas separate easily when ripe.   They are sweet, vanilla tasting, bananas, and when cut, they do not lose color as fast as store-bought bananas.  The color of the flesh is bright yellow-white, and has a strong and starchy feel. In zone 8B they usually harvest in the Fall, September-October.


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