Figi fan palm ( prichardia Pacifica)


Figi fan palm ( prichardia Pacifica)


native to Fiji in the Southwest Pacific.

Appearance: This striking fan palm has a solitary trunk with an interesting fiber patterning at the base. The trunk is straight, smooth, about 20 inches in diameter, topped with a crown of 15-20 large fronds.

Leaves are palmate or fan-shaped, about 7ft long by 6ft wide. They range in color from dull green to bright lime green. Unlike many other fan palms, the Fiji Fan Palm has no spines along the petioles.

Flowers/Fruits: This ornamental palm produces fragrant brownish flowers. Flowers are held by short inflorescence that grows among the leaves. Flowers are followed by green spherical fruits that turn red then black when ripe. Fruit is 11-12 mm in diameter, with a single seed inside that is about 7 mm in diameter.

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