Mullberry tree / bush ( Everbearing) Free Shipping


Mullberry tree / bush ( Everbearing) Free Shipping


You receive a 1 gallon fully rooted

Air layered stock about 2 feet tall!!


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Everbearing Mullberry trees

Delicious Berries the First Year

“Here we go ’round the Mulberry


…” Do you

remember singing that song as a child?


exactly is a mulberry? You don’t see them in the

supermarket, but if you like blackberries – you’ll

LOVE mulberries. And you can grow your own

tree! This Black Beauty produces succulent

mulberries (that offer even more juicy flavor than

blackberries! The delicious and nutritious fruit

grows in abundance from June to

August. It’s

special because the berries ripen over an extended

period of time… unlike many fruits which ripen all

at once. This easy-to-grow tree will provide you

and your family with enough fruit to keep you happy all summer.

Expect berries your very first year. Plant


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